Bristol Haskell Hackathon 2020

The Bristol Haskell Hackathon is a two day long hackathon located in Bristol, UK. This year it is being organised for the first and probably last time!

When 25th-26th January 2020
Where Merchant Venturers Building - University of Bristol
Time 09:00 - 17:00

Anyone interested in Haskell is welcome to attend. Whether you are a beginner or an expert it would be great to meet you in Bristol.

It is a no-frills hackathon, we’ll provide a room for hacking and wifi but expect little else! There will be no t-shirts, food, talks or other perks. The focus will be 100% on hacking and meeting other Haskell programmers.


The hackathon will take place on the main University of Bristol campus in the Merchant Venturers Building. This is in central Bristol so there are many different options for accommodation, places to eat and things to do.


Registration is free but you must register. There is a limit of about 80 participants.

We are using the zureg registration system, thank you to the organiser of ZuriHac for making it so easy to customise and use for our event.


TBC - You can describe projects you’re interested in working on when registering.

Getting to Bristol

If you are travelling within the UK then the easiest way to get to Bristol is either by train or bus. The venue is within walking distance of both the bus and train (Temple Meads) stations. There is also a bus route (8/9) which goes from the train station to near the campus.

If you wish to fly to Bristol then there are also two good options.

  1. Fly to Bristol Airport, then take a connecting bus to Bristol.
  2. Fly to London Heathrow and take a coach (2hr 30, National Express or megabus).

Flying to Bristol is much more convenient, the airport serves less destinations but it still of a reasonable size. It is also possible to fly to Gatwick but the coach takes 3hr 30 from there.


I was motivated to organise the hackathon after attending Munihac in 2018 and meeting a lot of people who I had never met before. In particular, I met many Germans and Austrians who were interested in Haskell but not motivated to travel to Zurihac or other international events. Therefore, it occurred to me that there must also be a similar community of people in the UK. The UK has been lacking hackathons in recent years so I decided to organise one myself and to get to know other Haskell programmers here as well.


I (Matthew Pickering) am the main organiser of the event. Please email me if you have any questions.