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Multiple Home Units for GHC - GSoC Aftermath

Posted on October 12, 2020 by Fendor

It has been a great summer for Haskell IDEs. Multiple successful Google Summer of Code projects and lots of contributions to Haskell Language Server. Additionally, Haskell IDE Engine has finally been put to rest! Lots of news, lots to talk about.

In this blogpost, I will tell you a bit about my own Google Summer of Code project, in the scope of which I tackled bringing multiple home units to GHC. We start by talking about why we chose this project in the first place. This is potentially nothing new for people that read the initial proposal, so you might want to skip over the first part. Then we are going to talk about how far we got in the project itself, what works, what doesn’t, how does it work, and what is left to do. Finally, a word or two about my experience in this Google Summer of Code, what I liked, and whether I would recommend it.

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