Hurstwood Lockdown Sprint TrailO 2020

Due to the current lockdown we have organised another online TrailO competition. This time in a technical moorland terrain with six stations of high difficulty.

Competition Format

  • Sprint TrailO format
  • 6 stations
  • 5 problems at each station
  • 6 flags A-F with zero answers
  • Ranking is determined by total time taken plus 60 second penalty for each incorrect answer. The difficulty of each station is high, read the map.

Map: 1:4000, 5m contour interval, 6mm circles, enlarged from 1:7500 foot orienteering map.

Each station is an image from Google street view with six flags imposed on.

The map is a real orienteering map with control descriptions.

You may complete the competition at any time during the week. Your time will be recorded as the time taken from opening the form until the form is submitted and therefore will include the time taken to input minimal registration information.

Each page of the form will have one problem on it. Select the correct answer for each problem and then submit the form. It will help to open the image of the flags in a new window to view it at full size. A link is provided with each image to view it at full resolution.


The competition has now finished. Thank you to all 390 participants and sorry about the technical difficulities some people faced with the form.

Results, Solutions and Problem Files

We have produced two sets of results:

  • Official: The advertised system, a 60s time penalty for an incorrect answer.
  • Alternative: The alternative sprint TrailO scoring system where the ranking is determined by firstly correct answers and ties broken by time taken.

Problem 6-2 was voided as the flag was placed on the wrong part of the knoll. Problem 6-5 the incorrect answer was marked on the form, correct answer is Z.

A solutions map and all the files used to make the competition are included in the link above.


The competition was organised by Matthew Pickering (University of Bristol Orienteering Club) and Tom Dobra (Bristol Orienteering Klub).